Wandering the Wild Web – Ep 7

Nerdy Things

Your App Makes Me Fat - Kathy Sierra comes back to the internet with a bang, writing about how cognition and willpower draw from the same pool of resources. Which means that by making your users make lots of choices, you may be depriving them of the resources they need to lose weight, turn off the TV, or just be nice to their kids.

You can check my credentials if I can check yours – A cosplayer turns the “fake geek girl” problem on its head by cosplaying an Xmen hero and quizzing any guys that came up to take her picture (often without asking permission).

Android Fragmentation - Insanely cool infographics depicting the fragmentation of the Android platform. And why that may be its strength instead of a weakness.

Discovery Channel Owes Its Viewers an Apology – #sharkweek is a big deal around the internet, so when Discovery decided to eschew scientific programming in favor of a fake documentary (that was positioned as real one) to kick it off, people got upset.

Web Economy BS Generator – For the next time your PM wants to “unleash integrated niches” or “repurpose synergistic portals” or “drive magnetic relationships”. Or if you just need a laugh about how these stupid buzzwords continue to hang on.

Corporate Gibberish Generator – In the same vein, if you want to avoid “lorem ipsum”, but still need placeholder text, generate some corporate gibberish. Just provide your company’s name.

Makes You Think

Other Agencies Clamor for the NSA’s Data – The NSA’s data isn’t just meta data, nor is it just being used to track down potential terrorist threats. Perhaps we should all stop squabbling over the 2nd amendment and focus on how our government is trampling all over the 4th…

The Childless City – A lot of this article is a bit hand-wringy, doomsday for me, but the idea that driving families out of the urban center is problematic is an interesting one. It also stimulates the engineering portion of my brain to try to figure out a solution to how to provide the space families need, while still making it family-affordable.

Better Conversations Between Churched and Unchurched Christians – Rachel Held Evans hits the nail on the head again. I have sat on both sides of this fence and know how important it is to not dismiss anyone’s story. Your experience with church is not universal, whether positive or negative. Listen to the stories. Don’t dismiss them.

I Support You – August is National Breastfeeding Month. But instead of turning this month into a militaristic campaign of what’s better for your baby, maybe we should just support each other in whatever decision we’ve made. This mothering gig is hard, hard. Let’s not make it harder by piling guilt on each other, okay?

Boys and Dolls – Is it okay for boys to play with dolls? I’m with this dad for “yes”. We need to teach our boys how to be gentle and compassionate, too. And not just because they might become dads. Compassion and empathy are in short supply these days of internet outrage, so we should teach them to our children, no matter their gender.

Why We Left the Church – Some of the stories of those who have found themselves outside the fold we call “church”.

When You Wonder Why Everyone Else Seems to Have Friends - Lisa Jo lets us in on a secret. That mom you think has everything together? That super cool dude who always seems to have a crowd around him at church? Yeah, those ones. Guess what? They’re lonely.

Oooh, That’s Cool

A Herman Miller Couch For Easy Sitting And Easy Moving - Herman Miller tackles the age-old problem of just how to get the couch up those three flights of stairs into that loft you love so much. And do it in style. Of course. It’s Herman Miller. What did you expect?

Build Your Own Home From Scratch – And under $35k. Meet the Wikihouse, a publicly available set of CNC plans developed by a British architectural firm that allows you to basically “print” your house. Welcome to the future, folks.

Abandoned Walmart is Now America’s Biggest Library – Upcycling isn’t just for clothes and furniture anymore. What to do with all those empty big box stores shut down by the economic downturn? This one became a library. Which is awesome & I want to go see. What else could we use the buildings for?

Male Feminist: Patrick Stewart – Just when you thought he couldn’t get any cooler, Patrick Stewart teams up with Amnesty International to stop violence against women.

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