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Hi There

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Go warm up your cold coffee, and pull up a seat. It’s okay if you have to shift the unfolded laundry onto a bed to sit down. I won’t tell anyone, it can be our little secret.

Well, January is half-way over. How does that happen? I have stacks of Christmas/New Years’ cards still sitting on my dining room table. Maybe I should get some red envelopes with hearts on them & call them Valentine’s Day cards? Every year I tell myself I’ll start earlier, but I think it actually ends up being later & later each year. I didn’t even get a bloggy Christmas letter written this year.

Ah, well. You win some & you learn some. As a particular football team is apt to say. Although, I think their record for winning is about on par with my record for learning… You win some & learn most?

Anyway, on to the main attraction, which is what y’all want to hear about anyway: the kiddos.

AJ is 2 1/2. Scary smart & observant. Case in point: She found a pair of placemats at our Life Group Leader’s house last night. Behind the buffet. “Look Mama! Pictures!” How does she even see those?

We watched the Nutcracker ballet a couple times during the Christmas season. What did she take away from that? “Mama, I wanna dancing!” At which point she runs around the house to locate a floofy skirt, butterfly wings, and slippers. All items must be worn in order to dance. Or draw. Or watch Netflix. This outfit formula is in pretty heavy rotation right now.

KP is 6 1/2 months old. Holy guacamole, Batman! I don’t even know how that happens. She’s sitting up, trying to crawl, and rolling all over the place. She is so, so strong, and not afraid to try anything & everything in her power to get moving forward.

So that’s what’s happening with these crazy kiddos that call me “Mama”.  :D

Six Month Birthiversary

Kalliope Anne -

It’s hard to believe you graced us with your presence starting a whole six months ago. The summer and fall have flown by, and now we find ourselves in the bleak of winter. Your mama has had a rough go of it emotionally for the last few months, but I think we’re over the hump and moving on.

January is traditionally the month for resolutions and fresh starts. While I’m not making any big resolutions or trying to hard to start over, it feels like a good time to pick up the recovery of our lives from illness and depression.

You often get the short end of the stick when it comes to my attention, since sister is so much louder & more insistent than you can be, but you take it in stride. You are so laid back & content to work on your crawling, unless you really need me. Then, oh then, you let us know.

As from the first, you are not afraid to speak your piece. Or sing it. Or scream it, if need be. I hope & pray that you will always be able to find your voice when you need it. I pray that fear, shame, and any other force that would attempt to silence you will be always be drowned out by the passion in your heart.

Baby, you are so, so physically strong. Your sister is in for a bit of a shock when she realizes you can push back. I don’t know what your path holds for you, but I suspect that the athleticism that skipped a generation flows strong through your veins & courses through your neuromuscular system. And however that chooses to express itself, whether it’s football, weightlifting, dance, or softball, I promise that we will be there to support you.

We love you and the person that you are becoming. We can’t wait to see where your passion takes you.


Catching Up: Our Week in Photos

Catching Up: Our Week in Photos

Here are the photos from September 22-28.

Catching Up: Our Week in Photos

I got an email from one of my faithful blog followers (Hi, Grams!) noting the lack of posts around here. Today I logged on, and sure enough, it’s been exactly a month since my last post. And I was doing so well too. :)

As people, we have to make decisions about what to spend time on. For the last month, my focus has been elsewhere. I have been building websites (hopefully to be unveiled soon), painting some digital paintings, cleaning house (and making real progress for the first time ever), and I started some preschool with AJ. We’re doing a little unit study on The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

So, with that little update out of the way, here are the pictures, which is what you come here for anyway. :D These ones are from September 15-21.


Our Week in Photos